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Team competing in competition

HC FLL will host four Qualifying Events this season. The cost to attend a FLL qualifying event is $70.00 per team. Each team can register & attend only one Qualifier Event.  The only location that is still available is:

  • Feb. 15, 2020 @ Las Américas ASPIRA Academy, 326 Ruthar Dr, Newark, DE 19711

A number of teams from each Qualifier will advance to the Champion’s Tournament.  The Champion’s Tournament will take approximately 24 teams and is scheduled for March 7, 2020 at DSU’s Early College High School (ECHS), .  The cost to attend the FLL Championship is $65.00 per team.

  • Teams will qualify for this event based on their overall champion’s ranking and reaching a robot performance hurdle at the Qualifier that they attend**.





  • STEP 1: You must be a registered team with U.S. FIRST LEGO League and be given a team number

                      FIRST Registration is OPEN!

                      You can register a team with U.S. at http://www.firstinspires.org/node/3461

                      More information is available at http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/fll

  • STEP 2: You can only register or plan on registering for one state’s or region’s Qualifier Event or Champion’s Tournament.
  • STEP 3: Register for Hornet City Robotics  FIRST LEGO League (local organization) Qualifier Event.

      Registration Opens Midnight October 1st and Closes at 11:59 pm October 31st !


Complete the Registration Form fully.  Items with a ” * ” require an answer.  Other questions are optional.  Provide three event choices (1st, 2nd, 3rd choice) and do not list the same qualifier for all three choices.  When you click  “Register,” you will receive an automated email if your Registration was received.  Please check your spam folder (especially if you registered with a @gmail.com or @yahoo.com account) if you think you did not receive the automated email.  You will also see a “Registration Received” message on the webpage.

  • By the beginning of November, you will receive an e-mail confirming which Qualifier Event your team is assigned to. This email will notify you of the date and location of your team’s QUALIFIER Event.  The Registrar will try to accommodate each team’s first QUALIFIER Event choice. Last year, we were able to provide all teams with their first or second choice.  Each team will need to register only once; the registration information from the Qualifier Events will be transferred over for the Champion’s Tournament.
  • Team coaches register the team.  Team members and parents should check with their coach or this website regarding the team’s registration status.  Communications with the planning committee regarding registration should be made by your coach.

Qualifier Event payment needs to be paid by October 31st.  HC FLL cannot take Purchase Orders (P.O.s).  Please include your team number on the check or money order in the Memo section. Payment ($70 by check or money order only) to Qualifier Events are made out to: ”DSU Foundation”

Mailed to:
Delaware State University
ATTN: Matt Bobrowsky, OSCAR Bldg., Rm. 208
1200 N. DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901-2202

Please contact us at flldsu [at] gmail.com if you have any questions.

Judging Rooms:

Judging sessions are closed sessions.  The team plus 3 observers (two coaches/mentors and one historian are allowed to observe).  You can just send in the team and no observers.  To demonstrate core values, teams should be silent while waiting outside a judging room.  Judging rooms are typically classrooms.  You will need to bring in all your presentation supplies.  (Note: Robot Design will no longer have a mission table setup.  You do not need to provide mission components.)

Core values Judging & Poster

For Core Values, teams will be given a challenge and less than 5 minutes to conduct the challenge.   After the challenge, there will be a brief Q&A session.  There is very high probability the team will be asked about Gracious Professionalism, Core Values, and Cooperation™.

Research Project Judging:

For Project, you will have 5 minutes, including setup time, to present your solution.   After you present, there will be a 5 minute Q&A.

Robot Design Judging:

This is an opportunity for the team to discuss and demonstrate their robot.  Plan for a 10-minute judging session.  There will not be a mission table setup for the team to use.  Teams should be prepared to discuss how they built and programmed their robot.  I would highly recommend having some program printouts – not all of your programs, just what you want to highlight.  If your team chooses to prepare a technical notebook that shows the evolution of the strategy, robot and programming, that can be beneficial.