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What is FIRST?

FIRST stand for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.

They offer four (4) programs.  Three(3) of the four (4) are present in Delaware. 

FIRST LEGO League Junior (FLL Jr.) Grade K-4, FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Grade 4-8  & FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Grade 7-12

The mission of FIRST is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators, by engaging them in exciting Mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

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How can my child(ren) join a team?

We cannot match up individuals with teams.  Due to confidentiality we cannot give out team information.  You can research your local area to see if there are teams looking to expand (see question What is FIRST? )

How do I get my child involved?

The easy way to get your child(ren) involved in the FIRST programs will be start your own team.  You may inquire with child(ren) school or public organizations such as libraries to see if they have an existing team your child(ren) can join.


  • How To Start A FLL Team
  • Cost to Start FLL Team
  • How To Start A FLL Jr. Team
  • Cost To Start FLL Jr. Team

How do I register to be a team?

When is material received for game?

After you register and pay for your team with FIRST you can then purchase the season materials.

See question How do I register to be a team

Where do I get information for DE FIRST events?

How do I register my team for qualifier event?

When is registration?

  • FLL Jr. – October 1st through November 15th
  • FLL: - October 1st through October 31st
  • FTC –October 1st through December 14th (pre-registration). Teams will be fully registered only after they meet the eligibility requirement and have paid their entrance fee.


Can teams out of state teams register for Delaware events?

  • FLL Jr.: Yes
  • FLL: No
  • FTC: Yes, but teams need to be located within 10 miles of the DE border; and preference is given to DE teams first

Is there a grace period for registration deadlines?


When is event payment due

  • FLL Jr.- November 15th
  • FLL- October 31st
  • FTC- 3rd week of January (date TBA)

How can I submit payment?

When do we know event assignment?

One week after the close of registration

Where are the events?

How soon should team name change be submitted to HCR?

As soon as possible!  If the schedule has been constructed team name change may not be possible.

When do we receive event schedule for qualifier

If there are no conflicts with the schedule it will be sent out one week prior. If conflicts arise it will be sent out as soon as they are resolved.

Will food be provided for teams?

No.  Food will not be provided.  You must prepare to provide food and snacks for your team members.

How can I help?

We are always looking for volunteers for the DE events.  Our volunteers range from referees to judges.  For More information